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Our Heart-Centered Impact Coaches are among the Dutch Caribbean contenders in the Appeltjes van Oranje! 🍊 We need your help to bring us closer to winning this prestigious prize.

The Oranje Fonds in the Netherlands recognizes every year 3 social initiatives that make an impact in the community. This year's theme is 'fighting loneliness together' and our dedicated volunteer Heart-Centered Impact Coaches are creating safe havens where youth can thrive, connect and grow together.

Did you know that loneliness is being declared an epidemic? 

Research shows that loneliness affects our mental health, and that youth especially are looking for support to address mental health struggles. In Aruba, our findings indicate that what youth need most is to be seen and heard, discovering spaces where they feel safe to express themselves and find purpose.

To combat loneliness and foster these connections, our Heart-Centered Impact Coaches serve as peer coaches and small group leaders. They create supportive environments where young people can openly share their experiences and challenges. By being positive role models and providing mentorship, our coaches help youth build meaningful relationships, enhancing their sense of belonging and helping youth out of isolation.

We are committed to continuing this vital work, ensuring that youth have access to the connection, guidance, and opportunities they need to thrive and reach their full potential!

From May 22 to May 31, your vote can make all the difference! By supporting our Heart-Centered Impact Coaches in this year’s Appeltjes van Oranje round of voting, you're not just endorsing us - you're endorsing a movement towards stronger, more connected youth. 

Together, we can empower youth to express themselves, find kinship, and unleash their full potential. Your vote can help us become one of the 10 nominees and have a greater chance of winning a coveted Appeltje van Oranje prize!

Let's fight loneliness together. Vote for our Heart-Centered Impact Coaches today!

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