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Becoming My Ideal Future Professional

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

HCLF collaborates intentionally with volunteers to support us in effectively reaching our mission of motivating and strengthening the younger generation to become their better selves. For this edition of “Through the Eyes of The Volunteer: Becoming My Ideal Future Professional” we are giving the spotlight to a Heart-Centered Impact Coach from our team to inspire you with her volunteering experience.

Heart-Centered Impact Coaches serve as our volunteer peer coaches who assist during our activities by stimulating the confidence of the youth participants in groups to ensure they have an enjoyable participation experience and grow as an individual throughout the process.

Here's what Zahaira had to say about her experience.

All about me

My name is Zahaira Romelus and I’ve known the Heart-Centered Leadership Foundation for about 2 years now. I have been actively volunteering as a Heart Centered Impact Coach by participating in Impact Cafés, training, and attending meetings & workshops for HCIC. I recently graduated from Colegio E.P.I. from the sector Hospitality and Tourism. I really enjoy writing, traveling, dancing and going out with friends.

How did you experience being a volunteer at HCLF?

I have been having a great experience volunteering as a HCIC. From the very beginning when I first started the introductory Heart Centered Impact Coach training up until now, I have learned so much and it has been a wonderful journey. Every activity, program and project that I have participated in has helped me grow as a person and I always learn something new, not only about myself but others too.

What is the most memorable moment that you experienced as a volunteer?

The most memorable moment I have experienced as an HCIC is participating in my very first Impact Café. I love that they gave me the space to use all the tools I have learned as a HCIC to connect with youth in groups that I was working with during Impact Café while still supporting me to make sure everything went well, which helped to make me feel more confident as a HCIC. I also felt very happy to be able to volunteer in something that made such an impact on many people. One of my favorite memories during Impact Café is when I had the opportunity to connect with the youth in my group on a more personal level and we were able to learn about each other and share our dreams & goals which helped us to not only work better as a team but also see that we had a lot in common.

What is your biggest takeaway from this experience?

My biggest takeaway from my overall experience is learning how important it is to be compassionate to other people and yourself, be open-minded because you might learn something new and always connect with others in a respectful, loving way. Also, the tools that I have learned as a HCIC helped me to develop myself more professionally. For example, during my internship, I was able to use what I have learned in HCLF to connect better with my colleagues and guests.

What type of skills were you able to develop as a volunteer?

Volunteering helped me to be more patient with others, be a much better listener and improved my overall communication skills. And it has also allowed me to be able to put myself in other people’s shoes to understand their perspective and be more thoughtful in the way I speak. While volunteering as a HCIC, I have been able to meet new people and get out of my comfort zone to do new things that I probably would not have done in the past.

Would you recommend other young adults to become a volunteer with HCLF?

I highly recommend others to participate as a volunteer in HCLF as you will get the opportunity to develop your personality, be more aware of your personal values, enhance your current skills and learn new skills, and grow into a more confident, compassionate, and kind person. HCLF really encourages you to express yourself more, be more open while also allowing you to be yourself.

Did Zahaira’s story motivate you to take the first step to joining our team of Heart-Centered Impact Coaches?

If you are between 18 and 29, have a passion for giving back and are interested in enhancing your personal and professional development…

Registration closes 20th September 2023.

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