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About us

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Heart-Centered Leadership Foundation (HCLF) was established in 2008 with the empowerment of youth at the heart of our mission. Since 2012, we have been actively working on programs that offer youth the tools to unleash their full potential  and enable young people to reflect on and answer three questions: 
-Who am I?
-What do I want to achieve? 
-What are my abilities?.

The core of our activities is the platform we offer youth to have a voice and the safe environment we create where they can be themselves.

The saying goes: ''It takes a whole village to raise a child''.

We believe that in order to inspire and empower youth, our heartwork is even more impactful when we involve those who work directly with youth.

That's why we want to inspire teachers, social workers, youth workers, team coaches, community leaders and fellow youth leaders by offering them tools to look and go beyond the traditional approach of communicating and engaging with youth.

Mission & Vision

In every journey there's a why, a how and a what.

Our journey started with the purpose to positively impact the live of youth.

We envision a prosperous generation that is driven by their core heart-centered values to make sustainable choices for themselves and the world.
Our mission is to inspire and empower youth to strengthen their inner and outer self to be able to participate in a modern world and give back to the community.
Our 5 core heart-centered values are:
Authenticity - Integrity - Compassion - Humility - Open-mindedness.

The impact of our heartwork is that we have youth in Aruba who are proactive, assertive and resilient individuals who contribute to a safe, healthy and prosperous community.

Meet the Team

Siouxsie Kock

Founder & Director

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Keyla Rojas

Program Manager &

Social Worker

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Ashna Thijsen

Communications Assistant & VII Host

Meet The Team
We strive to achieve real results for Aruba's youth

Please find our annual repports if your interested in a more in depth review of our achievements

Our partners
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Our partners

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