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For Parents

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Give your child a magical opportunity

The youth of today face many challenges; from stressors to performing academically and at risk of not completing their education, to peer pressure towards risky behaviors, to low self-esteem, anxiety, and fear of failure.


All of these can lead to your child making wrong choices that can negatively impact their life. But with the right navigation and set of 21st century skills, your child can prosper in a modern world as a resilient and self-sufficient individual.

Fostering a mentality of personal growth

Heart-Centered Leadership Foundation offers different opportunities for your child to strengthen their character, and work on the development of personal and professional skills such as critical thinking, solution-focused thinking, teamwork, effective communication, giving and receiving feedback, and much more.

Our 3 Main Pillars

Heart-Centered Leadership Foundation’s Impact Activities are workshops, seminars, training, participatory activities and volunteer work that focuses on helping your child discover:

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