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Our Activities & Programs

Sustainable Me - We
Our heart work is reflected in our Sustainable Me - We program, which includes different opportunities for youth, young adults, parents, and professionals to grow into resilient heart-centered individuals.


We believe that when you work on yourself first, you create peace of mind and know what you stand for and what you want to achieve, impacting those around you. You create a ripple effect where you give back from the heart, without expectations,

In our broader program "Sustainable Me - We" , we work on 3 core goals:

  • Personal & Professional Development

  • Engagement & Participation

  • Service to others 


The broader program is divided into 4 pillars, which support young people and (young) professionals:

  1. Heart-Centered Activities: Courses, Workshops, and Engaging Activities for Young Adults, Parents, and Professionals

  2. Heart-Centered Impact Coaches (HCI Coaches): Our peer coaches who support youth during our Impact Activities

  3. Impact Activities: Workshops, seminars, and engaging activities for youth

Heart-Centered Youth Leaders (HC Youth Leaders)


Each pillar represents a core group, working towards Heart-Centered Leadership Foundation’s ultimate goal: Creating Heart-Centered Leaders


Heart-Centered Activities

Heart-Centered Personal Development


Heart-Centered Professional Development

Teaching From The Heart

Speaking From The Heart

Working From The Heart

Heart-Centered Impact Coaches

Young adults who are trained to become an active part of our foundation.

Heart-Centered Impact Coaches follow a course including trainings, seminars and coaching sessions on effective communication with and engagement with youth.



Impact Camp

Impact Your Life

Impact Your Future

Impact Cafe

Impact Factory

eXpresso: Impact Lounge

Vox luventus Impactus

Impact Day

Impact Your Community

Heart-Centered Youth Leader

Youth aged between 14-17 who are trained to be confident in decision-making and become change-makers for themselves, Aruba, and the rest of the world. 

The trajectory includes volunteering, workshops, trainings, coaching sessions, planning and organizing Impact Activities.

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