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When we think about the magic of our programs, we can’t forget the power of our volunteers who work behind-the-scenes to make it all possible.

 That is why we have our Heart-Team!

What is Heart-Team?

Heart-Team are the backbone of our volunteer pool who give their time and heart to support us in preparation for all seminars or activities. 

We offer different Heart-Team volunteering task for youth and adults:


Get the opportunity to assist in recruitment initiatives and help with behind-the-scenes work in preparation for or after an activity or seminar. 


Can be trained to guide small groups during Impact Café, help during our Heart-Centered Activities by doing behind-the-scenes work in preparation for a seminar or activity or by assisting during a seminar, and more. 

What you receive as a Heart-Team member

As a member of the Heart-Team you are provided with the following opportunities: 



Support System

Get assistance and guidance when you need it from a reliable support system.


Networking Opportunities

Connect with organizations and individuals to build friendships and meet like-minded people.


Free or Reduced-Cost Workshops and Seminars 

Attend educational events at no or low cost to enhance your knowledge and skills.


Coaching Opportunities

Receive one-on-one coaching and mentoring for personal and professional growth.


Volunteer Abroad

Explore opportunities to volunteer internationally, subject to restrictions

Expectations for Heart-Team

As a Heart-Team member:​

  • We count on the commitment of the volunteer pool to make the magic happen.

  • We ask of the volunteers to make their best effort to communicate clearly to what extent they can support us with preparatory tasks before, during and after seminars and activities.

Do you want to develop personal and professional skills?


Do you want to connect with like-minded (and like-hearted) peers and support the youth of Aruba?

Click on the button to sign up!

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