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HC Youth Leaders


A young person’s formative years play an important part in their personal development.

We believe strongly in strengthening the inner and outer self of youth so that they are able to participate in society and also give back to the community.

One way that we support young people in their growth is by offering them the opportunity to develop skills and discover their talents while also working on projects and activities that promotes their own personal and professional development. 

Heart-Centered Youth Leaders is our community of youth volunteers between the ages of 13-17, where they will work on three main characteristics:

  • Commitment to personal and professional growth

  • Project planning and execution

  • Volunteering

How do I start?

The Heart-Centered Youth Leaders Trajectory is divided in three PHASES:


  1. Sign Up

  2. Participate in an intake

  3. Participate in the 2-part introductory course (I AM)


Twice a year we provide the introductory course on Heart-Centered Leadership ‘I Am’. This course is developed through the perspectives of the following questions:

  • Who am I?

  • Why am I here? (What is my purpose)

  • Where do I see myself in the future and what is my path?

  • How do I identify my values and apply them generally in my life?


1. Participate in 2 skills development courses (such as project management and 'passions and dreams')

2. Volunteering & Project Planning and Execution (come up with fun and empowering projects for your community).

3. Participate in a 4-day personal leadership seminar (Teen Insight I).

1. Get installed as a HCYL
2. Committed to be an active HCYL (Ambassador)