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Looking back at an impactful 2021

Heart-Centered Leadership Foundation looks back at another impactful year.

After a year that transformed how we lived our normal lives, HCLF had as a goal to reconnect with youth. In 2021, HCLF had 4 primary projects, each reaching youth in different ways and offering them the opportunity to develop personally and professionally, get engaged and participate in topics that are relevant to them, and contribute to their community by cultivating service-minded hearts.

With the 40 activities that we organized in 2021, HCLF reached 350 youth. From Impact Cafés to engage youth on the topic of mental health, to lectures on how to built mental resilience, to having youth create a Youth Manifesto, HCLF worked with 35 volunteers (both youth, young adults and adults) to connect with and empower youth.

Another important part of 2021 was the first introductory training for Heart-Centered Impact Coaches. Heart-Centered Impact Coaches have an important role in our foundation, as they are trained to become peer coaches to youth and assist during our Impact Activities. We look back at a successful year and look towards another impactful year with our 2022 projects: the culmination of the Curason pa Curason project and the launch of 'Connecting Hearts', which aims to spread our heart work via more trainings for youth and young adults.

The cherry on top of a beautiful cake was making it to the final 10 organizations up for the prestigious Appeltjes van Oranje. Together with K1 Britannia from St. Maarten, HCLF has the honor to represent the Dutch Caribbean islands in the final 10.

You can read our full 2021 Annual Report here to learn more about what we achieved last year. Scroll down to Our Reports to find the 2021 Annual Report.

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