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What's in a name?

We've always been asked: ''Why the name 'Heart-Centered Leadership Foundation?''.

The founder of this foundation worked in the Aruban education system for years and noticed a primary focus on cognitive growth and preparing our youngsters for careers in terms of vocation instead of helping young people to discover their true selves:

♥️ Who am I?

♥️ What are my abilities?

♥️ What do I want to achieve?

There is a lack of emphasis on building social emotional resiliency, building character so that young people can be happy and successful in life - both personal and professional! The name of our foundation is inspired by the work of Susan Steinbrecher and Joel Bennett, they defined heart-centered leadership as the following:

Having the wisdom, courage and compassion to lead others with authenticity, humility and service.

The difference between the 'regular' definition of leadership and heart-centered leadership is that heart-centered leadership encompassess all the leadership skills ánd thakes the next step into a more powerful dimension. Heart-centered leadership assumes that everything you do, resonates with you. A heart-centered leader, leads from principles, values and virtues. Steinbrecher and Bennett also introduces 7 guidelines for behavior:

  1. Know thyself (commintment to personal growth)

  2. Don't judge, don't assume; instead, come to understand (open-minded)

  3. They need what you need (authenticity)

  4. Letting go (detachment)

  5. Know the impact of your words and actions (integrity)

  6. Associates have a choice; they ultimately will decide to go along or not (humility)

  7. Care for the heart (self-care and emotional health)

These principles have been incorporated in all of our programs with the aim of enabling young people to become heart-centered leaders.

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