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Become a volunteer

Our heart work cannot be completed without the time and dedication of volunteers. Volunteers help our foundation reach our goals in different ways, making an impact in the lives of youth by being peer coaches during our activities, assisting in preparation of seminars or helping behind the scenes so we can reach more youth!

Do you want to become a volunteer with us?

Below you can find different ways that you can become involved as a volunteer!

HCFL Volunteers at one of our fundraisers
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Heart-Centered Impact Coaches

Heart-Centered Impact Coaches (HCIC's) are volunteers who follow a training course to become peer coaches for youth. HCIC's support youth during activities such as Impact Café and Impact Your Life, mentor them to carry out projects and serve as role models for the community of Aruba.


Heart Team

Our heart team are the backbone of our volunteer pool.

  • For youth, they get the opportunity to assist in recruitment initiatives, help with behind the scenes work in preparation of or after an activity or seminar.

  • For adults, they can be trained to guide small groups during Impact Café, help during our Heart-Centered Activities by doing behind the scenes work in preparation for a seminar or activity or by assisting during a seminar, and more. 

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Heart-Centered Youth Leaders

The youth of today need more role models and they need not only look to adults for that.

Heart-Centered Youth Leaders are youth role models who reflect the core heart-centered values and carry out projects and activities for the community.

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