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Introductory training course for Heart-Centered Impact Coach candidates

Last Saturday we completed the 2-part training course 'I AM' for Heart-Centered Impact Coach candidates.

Heart-Centered Impact Coaches (HCIC) are an essential part of our foundation. HCICs mentor youth in different ways:

🌱assist in our seminars as group leaders

🌱facilate workshops and trainings for youth under our Impact Activities pillar

🌱 mentor youth

🌱 guide youth in carrying out projects for the community

The first group of Heart-Centered Impact Coach candidates consisted of 20 participants. During the second training, the participants learned more about identifying their mission, vision, and purpose in life. Topics that were also discussed included character, values and principles. All tenets that make up an individuals identity.

Why is this training course a necessary introduction to becoming a Heart-Centered Impact Coach?

There's a saying that we always say: you cannot mentor others when you cannot mentor yourself. An important first part of making sure that this saying is embodied is that potential Heart-Centered Impact Coaches understand who they are and what they stand for. A solid foundation to start their journey to becoming a Heart-Centered Impact Coach to other youth on Aruba.

Next up, the candidates will have have the opportunity to shadow during one of our upcoming youth activities.

This training course was the first part in the trajectory to becoming an Heart-Centered Impact Coach, which also includes training on group facilitation and dynamics, project management, and a 4-day seminar on personal leadership.

This training course was made possible thanks to the support of Samenwerkende Fondsen and CEDE Aruba.

Did you miss out on this training course? Keep your eyes open for another opportunity in September!

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