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Through the eyes of the volunteers: HCIC workshop ‘Project Management’

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Ever thought about joining the Heart-Centered Impact Coach trajectory?

As part of the training course for Heart-Centered Impact Coaches (HCIC), HCLF gave a project management workshop to the group currently in training on Saturday, 5th of March 2022.

The skills training workshop was titled Project Management: guiding youth to successfully plan and manage projects. The training included an introduction to project planning, project life cycles, and methods HCLF uses during our Impact Factory session, which is the youth brainstorming and project planning activity.

The HCIC candidates put what they learned into practice by coming up with projects of their own, using the methods they just learned about and their own previous knowledge on planning a project. This is one of the trainings that young adults are required to follow to become future HCICs.

The workshop falls under our Heart-Centered Activities which aims to support adults and professionals (who work with youth) in their personal and professional growth. The heart-centered approach is the core of the programs we offer: connecting people to their authentic selves and cultivating impactful skills and behaviors to lead from the heart.

Heart-Centered Impact Coaches are HCLF's peer coaches who support us during different youth activities. We will be starting the process of training new Heart-Centered Impact Coach candidates with our next Heart-Centered Activity 'I AM' workshop taking place Saturday, 9th of April 2022.

Are you curious about what the journey to becoming a future Heart-Centered Impact Coach looks like?

For this edition of “Through the eyes of youth”, we will be giving Aish Winterdal a chance to express how she is experiencing the beginning stages of becoming an HCIC. Since November 2021, Aish has been supporting us as a Co-host in Impact Café and has been participating in HCIC activities with the intention to commit to becoming a future HCIC.

Here’s what she had to say about her experience so far!

What do you look forward to the most as a future Heart-Centered Impact Coach?

"I am definitely looking forward to becoming a host during Impact Café sessions on my own. Till this moment, I have felt comfortable as a co-host, given that I don’t have any background with social studies, so most of the time I’m like “noo, I don’t want to say the wrong things” or I am afraid of saying the wrong things because I’m not sure how to guide the whole group or I wouldn't know how to react on certain things that can be said during the session. (This is why we have trainings!) The bottom line is that everytime I volunteer as a co-host in the Impact Café sessions, I become more courageous to make questions, talk more openly, give advice and motivate the students. Little by little I am learning from my experience and eventually, I will be able to host a group by myself and then we will see what’s next!"

What do you like the most about this journey?

“I think what I like the most is that after every Impact Café, I see a difference in at least one teenager sitting at my table. Sometimes you read certain things that make you question “how is it still possible that certain things are still happening on such a small island?” Every time that I volunteer as a co-host in Impact Café sessions, I leave with my mouth open from how shocked I am by what the teenagers tell me is still happening on this small island I call home. It’s sad that this is the reality that we are living in and just because it doesn't affect me and you, doesn't mean it's not happening all around us and if I can give a helping hand to help those that are trying their very best to make a change in this system, why wouldn't I help them out? In the end, it's all about leaving a better generation behind!”

Why should other young adults consider becoming a Heart-Centered Impact Coach?

“ When I used to attend school, there weren’t any Impact Cafés that give young people the chance to talk about their feelings or what they are mentally struggling with and I would like to believe that if I had that when I was younger maybe it would not have taken me so as long as it did to figure out certain things. Becoming a Heart-Centered Impact Coach will give me the opportunity to be the person I needed to be when I was younger, either if it’s to give others a hug, a shoulder to cry on, or simply someone to just sit and be silent with, those small moments can make a huge impact on someone so I am very happy that during those sessions, I can support someone in feeling comfortable enough to open up about their feelings or to share something very personal and maybe I don't have the right answers, however, that's why HCLF provides you with different training to guide you in the right direction.”

Does Aish’s story inspire you to start the journey to become a Heart-Centered Impact Coach?

Read more about how you can start the journey!

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