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Through the eyes of the volunteers: Impact Your Life

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Welcome back to another edition of the "Through the eyes of the youth" blog segment!

For this edition, we will be giving Shamor Sutherland and Niquan Krind a chance to express how they experienced the 3 workshops of Impact Your Life based on the topic of 'youth personal development. From the middle of October till the beginning of November of this year, these two participants had worked hard to complete all 3 Impact Your Life workshops and had recently received a certificate of completion for their tremendous commitment to becoming a future Heart-Centered Youth Leader (HCYL). Let's read what Shamor and Niquan have to say about their experience during the 3 Impact Your Life workshops.

"My name is Shamor Sutherland, I am 19 years old, and I go to school at Educacion Profesional Intermedio (EPI). What I love to do in my free time is to watch anime/shows, play mobile games, and sleep. I'm currently an HCYL candidate for the Heart-Centered Leadership Foundation. HCLF is a foundation where they teach youths how to become a leader and also you learn a lot about yourself in the process. I joined the foundation because I wanted to come out of my comfortable routine and experience something new. In the month of October, I attended the 3-day workshop that HCLF organized. In each of those workshops, I experienced a different activity where they spoke about topics that we would explore by playing games together. I found all the games fun, mostly because of the fellow HCYL candidates who also joined the foundation. Out of all the activities, I enjoyed the survival game the most. The reason is that you had to use your imagination and creativity to survive and save your house. What I learned and stuck with me is that I should always be open-minded and never assume or judge someone."

"Hi! My name is Niquan, I am 16 years old and I go to Abraham de Veer school. I like to play basketball in my free time. What brought me to the foundation is the focus on what they are aiming for; to do what youths want. Now I am going to talk about my experience with HCLF. My experience was fun, I did a lot of things that I thought I never would have done. It really cracked my shell open. I played a lot of team-building games like 'chicken rise', 'dog dragon tower' and 'survival game'. I also learned about norms, values, and how to apply them to your everyday life."

Did you enjoy reading “Through the eyes of the youth? You can anticipate reading more “Reading through the eyes of the youth” in 2022!

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