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Exciting changes for our podcast are on the way

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

By handing out our special Thank You gifts to our guest speakers, season 1 is officially a wrap! Season 1 contained 6 different series with 22 episodes and we had 31 guest speakers. We talked about several topics, like the education system on Aruba, studying abroad, healthy relationships and much more. Also, just before the year ended we were informed that our podcast Vox Iuventus Impactus had made it to the second round of the Appeltjes van Oranje of the Oranje Fonds: an annual recognition of social projects across the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This year's theme revolved around projects with special attention to 'mental strength'.

While we’re wrapping up season 1, we’re already preparing for the launch of season 2 which will be at the end of March 2021. As you may have noticed, we recently published our new logos for Vox Iuventus Impactus and the other Impact Activities. We’re very happy with our beautiful new logos, thanks to Joshue Garcia of Garcia Designs. Take a look at our website to also view the other Impact Activities logos.

And that’s not all. After such a wonderful first season, we’re proud to announce that other big exciting changes are on the way. We can’t really tell you all of the details yet, but these changes will elevate your Vox Iuventus experience to another level, which makes it possible to promote dialogue among young people even more.

In season 2, our host Ashna Thijsen will continue to promote the importance of youth participation and input in youth-related topics that matters to them! We will be making series on many interesting topics. We will now be live streaming all monthly episodes through our Vox Iuventus Impactus Youtube Channel, where youngsters can tune in every last Saturday, Once a month, during 12pm to 1:30pm, and join us in the live discussion of that month's topic!

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