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Youth Manifesto 2021

The youth of Aruba are the future of our small island nation. They will have to navigate through tomorrow with decisions that are being made today. This Youth Manifesto is the result of a group of youth coming together in the ‘To Vote, I Voice’ project and bringing attention to the challenges young people encounter in Aruba.


The Youth Manifesto aims to be the first step in including youth in decision-making processes at the highest level. Above all, this Youth Manifesto aims to hold politicians, policy makers, and the government accountable for decisions that have an impact not only on the Aruban community but specifically the Aruban youth. 


Four core areas are present in this Youth Manifesto: mental health, environment, education, and labor. The youth involved in the making of this Youth Manifesto came up with a list of inputs that policy makers, parliament and the government of Aruba should seriously consider including in their policies on these 4 core areas. 

The youth of ‘The Vote, I Voice’ project considers and respects the problems and challenges encountered daily by the Aruban youth. They aspire for an island where investment in education and tourism is not only infrastructural but also an investment in the quality of life and needs of the Aruban citizen and the natural environment.


The Youth Manifesto is a first step in having structural and regular dialogue with policy makers and politicians on topics that are important for the youth. HCLF is working on this aspect to unite youth organizations to contribute to this structural dialogue exchange by establishing a youth platform.


The youth in the To Vote, I Voice project propose the following input by the government of Aruba:



  1. We will conduct studies and provide data on mental health in Aruba;

  2. We will optimize the referral process for individuals with a mental health limitation;

  3. We will introduce support groups at schools;

  4. We will provide mental health services through AZV;

  5. We will promote and make mental health a topic of continuous conversation;



  1. We will introduce new recycling methods;

  2. We will introduce more self-sustainable projects/programs at schools;

  3. We will create and execute a standard strategic plan of safety to clean up the toxic waste;



  1. We will conduct studies on educational systems in Aruba;

  2. We will start introducing internship opportunities in 'MAVO/HAVO' schools;

  3. We will create a plan of action to teach self-expression in schools;

  4. We will create a plan to implement 'Proyecto Scol Multilingual' in all schools;



  1. We will introduce young people to the Aruban labor market;

  2. We will introduce 'bring your child to work day in companies;

  3. We will teach young people about Aruban Labor Laws;

  4. We will develop policies that demand inclusivity in companies.

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